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Forest Therapy

Bring your rulot an Starting from 7€ per person

Enjoy Camping in Albania! Conducted on our private trails, this is not a fitness hike, but rather an effortless engagement of the senses and an invitation to be acutely aware of the earth, trees, air and sky.

It is not uncommon for us to spend 95% of our days surrounded by four walls. Humans have adapted to live without nature, but this is not our design. The practice of shinrin-yoku: in Japanese means “immersing in the forest atmosphere”, is an opportunity to remember that we are part of nature, and it is part of us.

The available Agora Farmhouse Camping surface is about 1000 square meters, 25 parking spaces (all equipped with electricity) and a space focused on your entertainment. We have created a playground that includes a volleyball court, soccer field and other green spaces that can be used by you. With the possibility of a private beach, swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, even boating! Our camping space in Albania is ideal for spending an ideal vacation with your family.

The Albanian sun dipped below the jagged peaks of the Albanian Alps, casting long shadows across the crystal-clear waters of Lake Koman. This is not just a camping trip; it was an immersion into the heart of Albania’s soul. The breathtaking scenery, the warmth of the people, and the simple joy of connecting with nature under a canopy of stars! This was an experience you knew you’d treasure forever.

Camping Rates

  • Children less than 2 years old is free
  • Children 3-15 years old / 3€ per person
  • People 16+ years / 7€ per person

The camping site is equipped with toilets, showers with warm water, sink, laundry, electrical connection, wireless internet.