Agora Farmhouse opened its doors in 2017 with great enthusiasm as a farmhouse set apart, not only from the bustling centers, but in the quality experience we would offer our guests. The road to visit us is easily accessible by car and is 1 hour away from Shkodra, Mlloje village. We are humbled to be a convenient location for locals looking to enjoy a relaxing break from the city and for international visitors looking for a unique and off the beaten track location.

Try to get out of everyday life and enjoy another experience, wake up in the morning, take the coffee in your hands and enjoy everything beautiful that nature’s life can offer you. In our farm you can visit the special places for raising animals and for agricultural products.

Our family is ready to tell you about the country and its traditions. the authentic details start from the clothes of the housewives to the furnishing of the rooms, you will be able to visit the old house of the ancestors of our tribe which has been preserved with great care, with the style of the stone house with the details. of building windows, doors and woodwork.

Choose to spend healthy time with your family, enjoy every holiday and most of all experience adventures that you can’t experience all the time.

If you want to add something extra to your vacation, visit Neomalsore.

We look forward to being a memorable part of your story.

Super nice campsite. Great atmosphere right on the lake.

You can also rent a kayak for a few euros. Restaurant is highly recommended. Super nice and helpful operator.

– Theresa Wunderlich